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Emmanuel "Manny" Garcia-Castro is a Peruvian-American Lighting Designer.

Currently, Manny is a Junior Theater Design & Technology Student at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

He is working towards furthering his education and expanding his horizons and professional pursuits in the lighting design/technology industry.

Manny's UArts Lighting Design credits include A Little Death, Nonmonogamy, Cerebral, A Psychic Investigation Into the Death of Someone I Once Knew, Everybody, and Alchemic Oddities.

Assistant Lighting Design includes Ballyturk, We're Gonna Die, Crimson Lit, Dear Mr.C, Head Over Heels (unofficially), and Fit For a Queen (unofficially).

Photo Credit: Isa Payne

Click below for Resume

Manny Tech Resume (Digital) - Google Docs.jpg
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